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Blackjack scoring rules

Ace is equal to one or eleven, depending on the situation: an ace is counted for one point in a "hard hand" combination and eleven points in a "soft hand" combination
Cards from 2 to 9 count for the same number of points
10, Jack, Queen, King count as 10 points.
A combination of cards is called "natural" when there are 21 points on two cards (ace and ten, for example). Blackjack is also a sum of 21 points, but scored on several cards. Blackjack vs blackjack give a draw. However, "natural" blackjack wins against regular blackjack: this means if the dealer has natural blackjack and the player has twenty-one points in three or more cards, the dealer wins and vice versa.

The dealer, having shuffled the deck, offers one of the players to remove it. When the deck is removed, the dealer inserts it into a special device for distributing cards - shoes. After the player places his bet on a specially marked place (box) on the table, he is dealt two cards face up. The dealer himself deals one card - face up. ...

The player (excluding the dealer) is free to make one of the following decisions:

Surrender - This position is not available in every blackjack game and can only be accepted before any other action. Surrender is usually the right to refuse further struggle on the first two cards, giving half of your bet without playing. Sometimes you can surrender on any number of cards.
Hit (buy a card) - the player asks the dealer to deal him another card.
Stand - the player chooses not to draw more cards.
Double down - with two cards in hand, a player may decide to double his bet. After that, only one card is dealt to him. Sometimes there is an option when the rate can be tripled. After the player has doubled, he can deliver another bet and receive another card.
Splitting pairs - If the first two cards received by the player are the same, most casinos are allowed to split the pair. To do this, the player says "split" and makes an additional bet next to it of the same size as the initial bet. Now he plays on two combinations, each of which is played separately. The newly formed pairs can be split again. In any case, remember that twenty-one points on two cards when playing a broken pair is not considered natural blackjack and is paid in a single amount like any other winning bet.
Insurance - If the dealer's face up card is an ace, the casino may provide insurance against the dealer's blackjack. For this, the player makes an additional bet on a special field for insurance. If the dealer does have blackjack, then insurance is paid at a rate of 2 to 1. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance loses.

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