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how i tried to win roulette in online casino

I read that the brightest minds of mankind tried to understand the phenomenon of invincibility of roulette, consultations gathered, tried to find its weak spot, but could not. There was even an award announced - who can win roulette will receive the Nobel Prize.

It is always interesting to try to solve the problem, even if it is not solvable, although you are not the brightest mind of mankind :)).
At that time, Online Casinos  freely existed on the expanses of Internet in all their diversity.

I carefully studied all the casinos, read the recommendations about them, chose the most reliable, solvent and registered.

I have done tremendous work on the study of casinos, I read a lot of information and comments). And now I am well versed in online casinos in one form. I can say for sure what it costs and whether it is possible to make money there, is it dangerous? It is a pity that the labor wasted in vain. When the opportunity, or rather the inability to get into the casino, became obvious, I decided to close the casino theme too ... Although ... do you think there are no loopholes? One comrade was found and suggested how to make the casino open, but I didn’t do it.

If the casinos were closed, then this is not my way, especially since by that time I realized that it is impossible to beat online casinos. The roulette program is adjusted so that you begin to lose in any case. You will be given a lot of incredible combinations that simply cannot exist in nature (for example, red or black will fall 15 times, 4 times zero or 250 out of 36 will not fall out). But you will not prove anything and you will not be able to present claims to anyone. This is an online casino.

At some point, I decided to record the roulette moves in order to try to apply a strategy to them. But then I realized that it was pointless. Roulette gives moves, adjusting to the players.

Morel Calvet

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