What do I do if I get a security warning pop up related to HTTPS or HTTP when I try to launch a course?

CAUSE: The cause may be that the LMS is serving courses from an HTTPS url while the course uses, in part, HTTP files


What to do if you get the following security warning message:

If you select "No", the course will launch as requested, however the content is not being viewed securely.

If you select "Yes", the course will not launch and the following appears:

Note the following 3 possible solutions:

1. Having your IT department add IHRDC domains to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Trusted Sites which will allow the mismatch between HTTP and HTTPS.

2. Find the location of the course files on your LMS and do a find and replace of these two terms:

You can use a tool like Notepad++ or PowerGrep to do these find and replacements. 

3. Download and re-upload these courses to your LMS if that applies to your environment or installation (Contact IHRDC support for more details or assistance)







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